The only constant.

I bring wars,

I haul peace.

I erase smiles,

I wipe tears.

I shoulder criticisms,

I spare none.

I beget separation,

I unite.

I cause ailments,

I heal everything.

I create darkness,

I illuminate.

I am a new beginning,

I am the end.

I am transient for  hate,

I am eternal for love.

I am priceless,

I am irreplacable.

I am the only constant,

I am time.





What I have realised is that fate does not care about my plans. What is supposed to happen,will happen. Neither me nor my efforts can stop something that is meant to happen from happening. But I am not  a prisoner of my fate , it is my mind that has imprisoned my fate.

I have realised that the past and the future are illusions. The past and the future do not exist at all. The past has died long before the present, and the future has not been born yet. Hence they are unreal. It is only the present that is real, that matters. 

But most importantly, I have realised that my fate, my past or my future do not control me or my life. What controls my life are my thoughts, the choices I make or the decisions I take in life. 


 You,yes you!

You are one, in a million,

The moon in a starry sky.

You are the windy night, of a summer day,

The ray of sunlight in a rainy day.

You are the lone tear of a happy eye.

The dimpled smile of a gleeful child.

You are the touch of red in the sunset sky,

The flek of gold in human eye.

You are a solo in a thousands,

An individual,among a zillion.

A note to life. (part 2)

Dear life,

Have not been in touch with you since long,so just wanted to say,hi!

You know what, matching up with your pace is not easy . But that’s fine. I smile. I smile through it all. I smile at whatever you bring to me.  I smile when I fall, insistent to rise again.I smile at my triumphs, willing to work harder. I smile at my defeats,determined to win the next time. I smile at my mistakes, contended to correct them. I smile all the time.

But keeping that smile all the time is not easy. Still, I manage to smile. But there are times,when that smile fades away. Though, only for a petty period of time. And I go back to my tranquility. But I come back,stronger. I come back more persistent, I come back indurate, to achieve my goals.




He returned.

Memories did not.

His heart was at peace.

But mind was not.

Lips curled a smile on seeing the family he had left behind.

The tearful eyes said a different story.

The walls of his room,felt safe.

But yet he felt chlostophobiac.

It was as if, the repeated hugs from friends held him together.

Yet something crushed him from insides.

With his dear ones,time seemed to be ticking away in a flash.

But why did the fifteen years seem so long?

His life was finally his,full of love and care.

But then why was his mind full of suspicion?

Was he mentally unstable?Was he on drugs? No.

He was the prisoner of war who had escaped from fifteen years of hell.


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And it rained.

And it rained.The clouds finally let go off everything that caused them pain. The heaviness, the burden,the ailment is finally over. They are light and free now. Free from anything that stops them from soaring high,up above the sky. They fly now. Free from constraints. Each falling raindrop carries with it the sweetbitter memories of the cloud’s pain.

What I wonder is, aren’t the raindrops like the negative people in our lives? They judge us all the time. They try to bring us down. They restrict us from flying high. Their only motive is to not let us live peacefully. To cause pain. Pain which slowly turns into an ailment. When they can act like the raindrops,can’t we do what the clouds do?Can’t we stay away from them? Can’t we cut them off our lives?Can’t we let them go? Can’t we ignore them and soar high?

The only thing which revolves around my mind while thinking about these things is that; is letting go of someone who only harms you,so difficult? If no,then why do most of us fail to do so?


My hidden love for darkness. 

Yes I love the darkness more than the light. The serene dark sky with the gorgeous moon is way more beautiful than the balmy sky with the blazing sun piercing into the eyes.The calmness of the dark is far more desirable than the chaos in the light. The hubbub of the colour can never match the placidity of black. Maybe this is why they say, darkness of the soul  can even ignite the enormous coal.

If the light is for aspersion than the dark is for the truth. If the gleam is for reality than the murk is for the dreams and desires. If the dawn is for the beginning of war, the dusk marks an end to it. There is some strange mystery hidden in the dark which had, has and will always fascinate me. 

Alas! The dark is always considered to be unhappy or accurately unholy. Anyone who openly admits their love for the dark are considered to be influenced by the forces of the dark, or to be precise,  influenced by the evil forces. But admist the dissimilar opinions and spicedup tales  what hides is the vital truth.

Influenced by various false considerations and lost in the conclusions drawn by them,what we forget is that just like ,if there would be no bad times, the good times would not seem so pleasant and if there would be no sunset,there would never come a new day; similarly, if there would be no darkness,there would be no light as in order for the light to shine brightly, darkness must be present! 

The only thing I wonder is that is it the darkess which is negative or the thoughts inside our minds about it?

The narrative of life.

Here’s to the mind that dares;                        

 Here’s to the heart that cares, 

As  long as it thumps; 

Here’s to the eyes that glitter;

Here’s to the unachieved dreams,

That gives an incitement to lives.

Here’s to the abstract thoughts;

Here’s to the terrible fear;  

Of deaths and dyings.

Here’s to varied opinions;

Here’s to  the firm decisions,

That we take.

Here’s to  the ardent desires; 

Here’s to  the mistakes,

Here’s to the promises;

We make.

Here’s to the solitary journeys;

Here’s to the pleasant memories; 

Here’s to the countless woes; 

Here’s to life,

An affectionate hug,for being so awfully adventurous!