Peace and Distress.

Peace can not exist without distress. Peace depends on distress for its survival.  It is distress that controls peace,it’s presence and it’s absence. Peace is thus muted  by distress. What is peace then? An illusion or a mere lie?Distress hustles and bustles to bring peace. Peace finally comes. Peace comes after destruction. Peace comes after deaths. Peace comes piece by piece. Peace is thus unstable,peace is fitful ,peace is dead. But we all want peace,even if it means creating distress for others. Distress on the other hand is constant,it makes us feel alive, it tries hard and hard to bring peace,to become peace. This wobbly nature of peace makes me wonder, is peace really peaceful? Actually in life, there’s no peace and no distress.You can never ever be either at peace or at distress what you can do is just BE at the moment.


12 thoughts on “Peace and Distress.

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