What I have realised is that fate does not care about my plans. What is supposed to happen,will happen. Neither me nor my efforts can stop something that is meant to happen from happening. But I am not  a prisoner of my fate , it is my mind that has imprisoned my fate.

I have realised that the past and the future are illusions. The past and the future do not exist at all. The past has died long before the present, and the future has not been born yet. Hence they are unreal. It is only the present that is real, that matters. 

But most importantly, I have realised that my fate, my past or my future do not control me or my life. What controls my life are my thoughts, the choices I make or the decisions I take in life. 


15 thoughts on “Realizations.

  1. Our past does have some control on the present. We learn by experiences and may be the past may have some influence on the present decision of life. But again you are right in saying that. We can choose to overlook the past and decide to live in it, the way we like

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    1. Thank you for sharing your point of view!
      Yes the past does have some influence on our life but it does not control us fully. It does not define what we are.
      Thanks once again for reading.


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