A note to life. (part 2)

Dear life,

Have not been in touch with you since long,so just wanted to say,hi!

You know what, matching up with your pace is not easy . But that’s fine. I smile. I smile through it all. I smile at whatever you bring to me.  I smile when I fall, insistent to rise again.I smile at my triumphs, willing to work harder. I smile at my defeats,determined to win the next time. I smile at my mistakes, contended to correct them. I smile all the time.

But keeping that smile all the time is not easy. Still, I manage to smile. But there are times,when that smile fades away. Though, only for a petty period of time. And I go back to my tranquility. But I come back,stronger. I come back more persistent, I come back indurate, to achieve my goals.




13 thoughts on “A note to life. (part 2)

      1. That’s fair enough. I’m on the edge of my chair already. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

        And good luck for your exams. I’m positive that you’re going to ace it like the star that I know you are.


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