And it rained.

And it rained.The clouds finally let go off everything that caused them pain. The heaviness, the burden,the ailment is finally over. They are light and free now. Free from anything that stops them from soaring high,up above the sky. They fly now. Free from constraints. Each falling raindrop carries with it the sweetbitter memories of the cloud’s pain.

What I wonder is, aren’t the raindrops like the negative people in our lives? They judge us all the time. They try to bring us down. They restrict us from flying high. Their only motive is to not let us live peacefully. To cause pain. Pain which slowly turns into an ailment. When they can act like the raindrops,can’t we do what the clouds do?Can’t we stay away from them? Can’t we cut them off our lives?Can’t we let them go? Can’t we ignore them and soar high?

The only thing which revolves around my mind while thinking about these things is that; is letting go of someone who only harms you,so difficult? If no,then why do most of us fail to do so?



17 thoughts on “And it rained.

  1. True, but actually you know what,staying with these kind of people and letting them control us, harms nobody but us. These people are actually good for nothing, their only motive is to put others down. Empty minds that lecture others about how should they lead their lives!
    I guess I am blabbering too much.Well, I am just fed up with these people. Thanks for sharing what you feel.
    God bless!


  2. Wow. Beautifully written. I can somewhat relate it one of my paintings. I see you have already paid a visit to my blog and liked the post with the painting too. Thank you again for the kind words there. 🙂

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