My hidden love for darkness. 

Yes I love the darkness more than the light. The serene dark sky with the gorgeous moon is way more beautiful than the balmy sky with the blazing sun piercing into the eyes.The calmness of the dark is far more desirable than the chaos in the light. The hubbub of the colour can never match the placidity of black. Maybe this is why they say, darkness of the soul  can even ignite the enormous coal.

If the light is for aspersion than the dark is for the truth. If the gleam is for reality than the murk is for the dreams and desires. If the dawn is for the beginning of war, the dusk marks an end to it. There is some strange mystery hidden in the dark which had, has and will always fascinate me. 

Alas! The dark is always considered to be unhappy or accurately unholy. Anyone who openly admits their love for the dark are considered to be influenced by the forces of the dark, or to be precise,  influenced by the evil forces. But admist the dissimilar opinions and spicedup tales  what hides is the vital truth.

Influenced by various false considerations and lost in the conclusions drawn by them,what we forget is that just like ,if there would be no bad times, the good times would not seem so pleasant and if there would be no sunset,there would never come a new day; similarly, if there would be no darkness,there would be no light as in order for the light to shine brightly, darkness must be present! 

The only thing I wonder is that is it the darkess which is negative or the thoughts inside our minds about it?


27 thoughts on “My hidden love for darkness. 

  1. That’s a good post and it’s the negative thoughts that affects our life. Darkness has nothing to do with it. I too love darkness. The night sky full of stars is far better than a sunny morning.

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  2. There is some other happiness in watching the night sky ….it was really a wonderful post .very nice akansha keep it up….

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  3. Yup..there is a vital truth in darkness light can reveal it..
    Interestingly this is the second post I am reading on darkness today morning and both speak on the positivity of darkness

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  4. Beautiful post – I’ve literally just published one about the allure of darkness and Ying Yang on my blog. I agree with you that without the night, you can’t have the day – nature needs balance.

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