Life and death: the philosophy.

It’s funny how most of us spend our entire lives,fearing death.Though we don’t even know the meaning of death. Different people define it in different ways.Some believe that it is the end of life,others believe it to be the door to next life.Some say there is a place reserved for them up in the sky where they’ll reside after death,while the rest; they term it as the end of suffering; because the dead do not suffer.

If  life is a journey,then death is the final destination,that every individual has to reach.From the moment we are born, every step we take,is towards death. Maybe the roads that lead us towards the final destination are specific for every individual.But no one can escape it,be it rich or poor,educated or uneducated. Death is always described from the perspective of the living.

I believe death gives a meaning to life.It gives a limit to time.It makes us value time.Time would be meaningless if we have plenty of it.But most of us missunderstand it and waste our lives in fear of death.Since childhood we are taught that death is inevitable and non predictable,but is this what each one of us believe?

Death surrounds us everywhere,so when we know that there is no escaping the presence of death,then why not enjoy life at present and stop worrying about the negativities the future may hold?Like,travelling anywhere we like,wearing anything we want to, eating everything we like, becoming what we want to and most importantly doing whatever makes us happy,without worrying about what others will think.

Death should not be feared.Living in the fear of dying is worse than dying itself. The fear of death is the ultimate fear,as it restricts a person from living.This fear should be overcomed.

People say ,when death comes,our entire life is flashed before our eyes,so we should all make sure that when we lie under the upraised wings of death, the quick trailer of the movie called life is worth watching. I am not a believer of afterlife but I do believe in living life to the fullest,do you?

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!       Just being proactive.                                               God bless everyone.


11 thoughts on “Life and death: the philosophy.

  1. I think when we don’t have any motive to live or when we don’t have anything to smile, then that’s called death. When we just pause at one phase of our live and don’t want to move forward then what’s the point of living. Life means keep moving, even if you fall but at least you tried….

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    1. Absolutely!
      When we do not have any reason to smile or any motive to live,the very moment we stop living.
      And to stop living is nothing but death.
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views!
      God bless.

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  2. That was well put,and well worth the read.What is life without death,what is living without struggle or worry.What defines us is our thought and what we think about our thoughts. Who would we be without thought, is to not think a form of death???

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