A note to life. (Part 1)

Dear life,

I hope you are doing good and have no plans of troubling me for the following few days. You know I have no issues with you,infact I like you a lot, no..no..wait, ‘love’ is the correct word, I love you a lot, unless you irritate me. 

You are ‘x’and I am ‘y’,together we fit in a great equation , an equation which can be solved by nobody (except us ofcourse). You know there have been certain differences between us since the past few days ( since we are both very moody you see), so I thought of letting you know how important you are.

You remind me of those never-ending roads of the long drives; which are sometimes so smooth and pleasant and sometimes as rough as anything on earth can be! But whatever you are, I am glad that you are mine. Though you annoy me to bits sometimes,( just like the sound of the morning alarm) but knowing the fact that there are zillions of people on this planet who are fighting death only for you, I consider myself to be fortunate to have got you ! 

You are a journey,which leads people to their ultimate destination and I want to enjoy this voyage to the fullest before I reach my final destination (you know, we can’t be together forever) and heartfully desire to make this short journey memorable (such that no one forgets us).Lastly, thank you for choosing me to be a part of this crazy journey, which full of emotions , adventure, fun,struggles and what not. I may be complaining about you endlessly but, at the end of the day I know that you are a blessing , and I am favoured to have got you. 
                                                           With Love,



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