Dreams:  only a few live them,others die with them.

Pleasant was the weather,cool breeze blew; the sun was about to set;Rohan; a mascular, fair and handsome young man with dark eyes,was in the garden waiting for his mother, Ritu. Rohan’s mom Ritu was a beautiful woman with big eyes and long curly hair.Though she was the mother of a twenty-three year old son, she looked quite young.Infact most of the people  thought that she was Rohan’s elder sister.Ritu was a well known cardiologist in the city and a single mother.Rohan’s father had died in a car accident when Rohan was only two. Since then Ritu looked after her one and only son. While Rohan was still waiting for her in the garden,Ritu struggled pushing open the heavy,rusted door,that separated their living room and the garden,with two glasses of iced tea in her hands.Seeing her mother struggling,Rohan came in to help her. Both of them then sat facing each other on the large wooden chairs,kept next to a large flower pot (that was broken).Rohan had asked her mother to come home early that day,as he wanted to tell her something ‘important’.’ All that I am today,I owe it to you,mom’,he continued; It is only because of you that I am born with diligence,confidence and dimples ofcourse’,he smiled.’Tell me what’s the matter’ she said looking at him.’Mom,you know how much I love travelling and exploring new places.’,he said.’I know’,she said,still unaware of what he wanted to say. ‘Day before yesterday,I got a call from the ‘Explorer’ channels; they want me to sign a contract with them’, he said,without looking at her.’A contract?’ she cried.’I had  once sent them some of the photographs that I had clicked when we had visited the Quebec forests,during our stay in Canada’,he said taking a sip of iced tea.’They want me to work for them, for the following years new wildlife channel launch,we’ll first visit the Halle’s forest in Belgium,then the Black forests,in southwest Germany;followed by the Moss forest in Spain and end the trip at the Arashiyama bamboo forests in Kyoto’.Ritu said nothing.’Mom,I want to join them,I want to travel,I always wanted a job like this’.’Please say yes,I’ll have to inform them about my answer within two days.’When you have already decided what you want,without informing me,then go ahead and do whatever you want.’Rohan could understand his mother’s feelings.Rohan was his mother’s heartbeat. She could not even spend a day without seeing his face or hearing his voice.If he signs the contract then he would have to spend years without his mother.Moreover after losing her husband,Ritu could not even think of parting with her only son.’But what’s the problem in accepting their offer?’he said breaking the awkward silence.’If you take up this job,you will have to go away from me,and moreover this job is so dangerous,you are my life Ron,how will I stay without you?’ she said.’I will always be with you,inside your heart’;he said.And I will come to see you,and even take you with me during my holidays’.’ Okay;Enough!’,she interrupted,’ You are not going anywhere Ron; you  can not spend your entire life travelling,this is so silly’. ‘If we were meant to stay in one place,mom,we would have roots,instead of feet’;he said. 

Five years later, during a new project,in the Ras Dashen mountains (highest mountians of Ethiopia),Rohan died in a landslide. He was only twenty-seven then.The only thing that keeps Ritu alive is that her son died with memories not dreams.



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