Quilling:the art of coiled paper.

Besides painting,there are a few more things which I can do for long hours without a break.One of those things is ‘paper quilling’.Paper quilling or paper filigree is a form of craft which involves rolling,shaping and coiling of paper stripes and glueing them to form decorative items,quilled jewellery,three dimensional models,greeting cards,abstract paintings and much more.Quilling was first started by the French and Italian nuns and monks,who used it to decorate the covers of their books and other religious items.Today, quilling is one of the most popular paper crafts we have.Quilling is relatively easy to learn,compared to other paper crafts and does not require a lot of stuff like other forms of art. It is great for people of all ages.I like quilling because it is very simple but you never get bored of it.I love making paper quilled dolls of different sizes with clothes of different designs and colours and different hairstyles.As a child I loved playing with dolls, infact I had a room full of dolls of different types.When I first saw paper quilled dolls,I was fascinated and I had to know how to make such attractive dolls.Paper quilling is not just a great hobby but researchers have found that quilling helps people with anxiety and mental retardation. It gives hope to people suffering from depression.

Down below are some quilled dolls made by me.


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