The moon;that helped her,achieve her goal.

It was raining heavily,the sky was dark;full of black clouds ,strong winds blew,usually Nia loved rains but that day even the rains could not bring a smile in her face.Nia was a fair,sharp featured,light eyed,seventeen year old girl.She stood in her balcony watching the rains,after she had finished packing her bags.She had to leave her city,the city in which she lived since the past seventeen years,the city in which she had spent her childhood,the city where all her friends and family members lived;she would have to leave ‘that’ city in a few hours. Initially she was pretty excited about going abroad and completing her studies there,but as the time came nearer,she felt even more confused about her  decision. Her parents had decided that she would   complete her  higher studies at the ”Ford’s Institutions ”,Australia;one of the best law colleges and she had happily agreed with their decision.Infact she was eagerly waiting for the day,when she would fly off to Australia. But now even the thought of leaving Delhi (moreover leaving her parents and friends)made her feel sick.How would she manage things without her parents?How would she adjust in a new place?Who would guide her if she fell in a trouble?How would she live alone in an unknown country,among unknown people?All these thoughts filled her mind.After few minutes of thinking,she finally decided that she would tell her parents that she did not want to go to Australia and she would complete her studies from any college in India.But how could she change her decition like that(moreover how could she run away from this situation)She was still in her balcony, puzzled;when her mom came in.Nia’s mother, Nimrit was a fair,dark eyed,beautiful ,middle aged woman(and she was Nia’s friend first and then her mother). She stood beside her daughter,handing her a cup of coffee.She understood that a lot of things were playing into her daughter’s mind(that’s the thing about moms,they understand what is in our heart just by looking at us).She said,’you should get ready,it’s almost time ,it’s better that we leave early to avoid the last moment confusions you know.’,breaking the silence.’But mom…..’Nia said, ‘I don’t think I can….’ her mom interrupted, ‘Always remember that I and your dad are with you,but there will be certain situations when you have to take your decitions on your own,life is hard at times,but only if you overcome tough challenges,you can succeed in life…’She continued,’ I can understand your situation,but just because living in a new place is difficult,you can not keep your career on stake’.She then held her daughter’s hand and said,’Our life is a journey from ‘B’to ‘D’and in between comes ‘C’.’And what are these;B,D and C?’ Nia said with a little irritation in her voice,Nimrit continued,’Our life is a journey from birth to death,and in between comes the choices we make,Our life depends on the choices we make,so be careful about what you choose’.Nia understood what her mother was trying to say.She looked at her mother and asked, ‘What do I do if I  badly miss you all,miss this place and feel homesick?Her mother smiled,and said,’Whenever you feel homesick,just look up at the moon,because the moon is same wherever you go’.

Today Nia is a successful lawyer in Australia,only because she could overcome the fear of ‘living in an unknown country’ and offcourse the moon,that prevented her from feeling homesick.


15 thoughts on “The moon;that helped her,achieve her goal.

  1. This is a beautiful story, Akasha. You have wonderfully painted a story…
    I loved the end, the concept of B, C and D and how it relates to life. As a child, i was always fascinated about the way all people in each see the same moon.
    I also used to think if my dad, who used to be abroad at the time , would be seeing the same moon.
    You have made me nostalgic. A push back to good old times.
    Thank you so much for this ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I really do not know what to is so kind of you to say that…there was a time when even my dad was away from me for many years…and I think your comment reminded me of that time….and what a coincidence even today my dad is going out of the city for a few weeks…But we have the moon.. (beside phones,and laptops you know).And yes,thanks a whole bunch for such encouraging wordsโ˜บ

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pleasure’s entirely mine ๐Ÿ™‚
        Sorry for pointing it out. Why not develop the habit of doing checks 2-3 times before publishing. Sorry again for the unsought advice ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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