When I first met my dog.

She was small and chubby when my uncle first brought her home;a two monthes old golden retriever with tiny,brown,glittering eyes,curled tail, blunt nose and small paws (with sharp nails offcourse ). She had a coat of smooth,silky ,glossy, golden fur. We named her Dora.I first saw her when I came home from school and went to the garden to get some fresh air, she was then having her meal (a bowl of pedigree). Her face was half hidden by the bowl,that was too large for her.I could only see her body and her small  fluffy tail.I moved forward,in front of  her,so that I could see her face.I stood in front of her but she was too busy eating her lunch that she could notice me.After finishing her meal she managed to notice me,standing in front of her. She first looked up at me,then stood up and then moved around me,after few moments of smelling my feet,she finally allowed me to take her up and look at her. She was beautiful.That was the beginning of our ever lasting friendship.Now she is one year and four months old.And I don’t even know how she changed from a small soft,fluffy,golden ball of fur into a large,beautiful,loyal dog.


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