The gleeful child.

He is a fair,dark eyed,five year old boy with a smile that can  melt anybody’s heart.His forehead is always covered with his smooth,straight,dark coloured hair(and he hates it if anyone tries to move his hair away from his forehead).His eyes ,small and round twinkles brightly. He has broad,pink,rosy lips. Though he is skinny,his cheeks are mushy and chubby(don’t go by  his external appreance,he is actually the naughtiest kid I’ve ever met).He is quite sharp yet innocent.He talkes a lot,but his sweet silvery voice is always a pleasure to hear. He would always run around the house, spreading his arms and making a  gentle ,buzzing sound as if he is driving a car. He has a great adulation for cars. Veritably, he can even spend an entire day playing the same game. Though he is only five,but is considerably attentive.He has a heart made of gold. He deeply loves his kinfolks and heartily cares for everyone he knows. He is a cheerful child and always has a large smile on his face (I sometimes even feel that his smile is too big for his tiny face,but he looks adorable with that huge smile)  He is adored by all, (you know ,what you give is what you get back) Infact he is the life of his family.The sun always reminds me of him,happy and bright,dazzling and emiting it’s own light.And I wholeheartedly desire that he remains the very same throught his life,and continues spreading merriness and delight.


21 thoughts on “The gleeful child.

  1. Usually I never liked to comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about are going a great job akansha,keep it up

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