The best part of the day:Sunsets

As a child I always admired sunsets a lot…the bright orange skies..the warm yellow sunrays reflected on the river….the fluffy seemed to me as if the clouds were hugging the sun tight so that it does not disappear. ..may be because they did not like the moon (the silly imaginations of a child you know). In fact there was a time that I got so much obsessed with sunsets that I used to spend long hours in the garden waiting to watch the sun set .I still remember the sunset that I had seen in the city of lakes Udaipur,that is probably the best sunset I have ever seen..It was around 4 pm when we reached Udaipur and directly went to see the udaipur lake…the sky was clear ,cool wind blew,the lake was calm,birds were flying back to their nests and the sun was about to set.The scene was mesmerising….it seemed as if the sunrays were dancing on the surface of the lake…. .it was as if I was watching a painting…and slowly the sun was moving down towards the lake…and within a few moments it merged within the lake..and evening fell….that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen…since then my love for sunsets grew even more…even after so many years my affection for sun sets is still the same…I can never get bored of sunsets…even during a very busy schedule I somehow manage to find a little time to look at the sun disappear. ..the setting sun gives pleasure to my eyes..And indeed sunsets are evidences that endings can be beautiful too.

Picture credits: ForresWeb


40 thoughts on “The best part of the day:Sunsets

  1. Wonderfully expressed. . Liked d way you look at things and express it with loads of feelings.. keep it coming dr. . Nice one..


  2. Wonderfully expressed . . Like d way you look at things and express it with loads of feelings.. keep it coming dr. . Nice one..


  3. Appreciated, have put your heart on it. Let your pen do all the talking, you will reach the pinnacle. My best wishes to you, lots of love.


  4. Well done Akansha!Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging…your words flow beautifully, so keep up the practice of writing regularly and see where it takes you. Read others too and you will get to know a lot more about blogging and writing. This is just the beginning and you are doing a great job of it. Keep the words flowing…best wishes πŸ™‚


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