If you trace my footsteps they’ll lead you towards the mountains,amidst the mist,away from the chaos of ideality. If you follow them further, you’ll find yourself near the sea of hope,edged by the sands of time,under the moon of tranquility. If you trace them a little more,you’ll end up amidst the ruins of a battlefield,a battlefield of insecurities, complexes,and weaknesses. If you still have the courage to further walk by me you’ll see yourself fading into my traces,merging away into the faces of reality. The footsteps will now seem stray. And then you will meet ‘you’,not me. Because ultimately there is no other,you are always meeting yourself.



The thing is the world lives in grief. It longs for happiness,happiness that is just an illusion. Happiness is the death of grief,but grief still wants happiness.So,what keeps us away from happiness is actually what longs for it.


We are all parts of stories we share , stories we wish to tell,stories we hide or stories we ignore. We live in stories and die with them.Our roles, characters, incidents and duration in each story is decided by factors like destiny and fate. Once our purpose of entering into this gigantic hoax of happy, funny, confusing or tragic collection of stories called ‘life’ is served, we make an exit. Some of these stories die with us,while some continue to live even after us, outshining death or end. So technically it is not us, but our stories that define us.

At the end,we are all stories,so rather than grumbling about stories we aren’t a part of, lets focus on making ours worth a read.

Adeus amigo!

Dear wordpress family,

We leave something of  ourselves behind with every person we love. A part of ourselves stays with them even when  we go away. And there are things in us that we can find only when we turn back the pages of life and return to them. And I love you all,so a part of me will reside in you, even after I leave. Keep it happy and keep it alive within yourselves until I return to you all.

This journey has been an amazing one,and that too because of you all. Who knows what tomorrow unfolds? So I want to thank each one of you for being a part of my journey in the world of writing,before I become lesser active. Words fall short to describe the profound impact you all have in my life.💔

Okay, so there are a few people who I want to mention especially and they are: 

Utkarsh: You have become a really good friend in a very short time. Thanks for all the support. Keep smiling and spreading smiles. Never change. And yes,punches are constant 👊👊👊😂

Akhila ma’am : Your comments and feedbacks always inspire me to write more. Thank you for reading and appreciating my posts.

Mehul Bhaiya: You have always been an inspiration. You and your posts have always inspired me to work harder. Thanks for being there.

Sumit sir :You are an inspiration. Thank you. 


Shreya di : Your comments were the most awaited ones. I love the kind of person you are. Thank you.

Aanchal: I simply love your writeups. And adore you for the kind of person you are. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Srijan and Mahesh : Thanks for bearing with my writeups since the past two years. Though we never talked much but your writings have been an inspiration. ,

Josh: Thanks for the support.

And thanks to  Ananya, Udit,Shreyansh, Aushutosh, Mr. Mahajan, Anto,Jeni,Jay, Harsh, Harshav,Deepak,Jatin, Shivam and everyone else who has been a part of my beautiful  journey. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers until I return. I will do the same. Keep smiling.❤



The spirit of christmas! 

‘Chilly winds blowing amidst smiling faces,fairy lights glimmering across skyscrapers, snow covered aveneus, air filled with laughter and joy, aroma of freashly baked cookies and pies lingering in the air,presents…I just love Christmas’, said the child while unboxing the gifts.

While somewhere in the corner of the street,’ bone chilling winds freezing my face,snow by covering pavements taking away my only place to sleep,mocking smiles judging my tattered blazer,extreme cold making it difficult to breathe, empty stomach groaning and eyes hooked to delicious food that I can’t this the spirit of christmas? whispered a voice.

Different people have different notions of christmas, for me christmas is family time, laughter and joy,and presents ofcourse!

What is Christmas for you?

My world.

I live in a world, 

Where hearts are made of shooting stars,that illuminate smiles.

Where minds are composed of birds flying high,free from constrains. 

Where tears are made of fire,not a symbol of weakness.

Where emotions form galaxies,that contain everything.

Where kindness is everywhere and cruelty is nowhere to be found.

Where destiny is the same for all,

Where time favours all.  

Where there is no ‘me’ and no ‘mine’,

Where I am you and you are me.

I live in a world,

Where reality is just an illusion,

I live in a world 

Of my dreams.

Peace and Distress.

Peace can not exist without distress. Peace depends on distress for its survival.  It is distress that controls peace,it’s presence and it’s absence. Peace is thus muted  by distress. What is peace then? An illusion or a mere lie?Distress hustles and bustles to bring peace. Peace finally comes. Peace comes after destruction. Peace comes after deaths. Peace comes piece by piece. Peace is thus unstable,peace is fitful ,peace is dead. But we all want peace,even if it means creating distress for others. Distress on the other hand is constant,it makes us feel alive, it tries hard and hard to bring peace,to become peace. This wobbly nature of peace makes me wonder, is peace really peaceful? Actually in life, there’s no peace and no distress.You can never ever be either at peace or at distress what you can do is just BE at the moment.